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Decor Blinds Helping To Save The Planet Using Recycled Bottles

Plastic waste and pollution have long been purported as the biggest threat to the Earth’s oceans. Every year the discarded plastic waste that is dumped into the oceans is estimated to killed no less than 1,000,000 sea creatures. Additionally, it costs the Australian government, and taxpayers, over $4 million annually just to clean up plastic [...]

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Are Your Blinds Or Shutters Really Made In Australia?

Sometimes “Australian Made” Blinds & Shutters, aren't fair dinkum It is said that Australia was built on a sheep’s back. Unfortunately, consumers are now at risk of having the wool pulled over their eyes by so called local companies falsely claiming their products as “made in Australia”. Perhaps the most important part of buying something, [...]

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Timber, PVC or Thermalite Plantation Shutters?

Factors to Consider When Looking into Timber & PVC Shutters: Plantation Shutters are an ideal addition to the inside and outside of your homes windows, and are increasing in popularity in new houses, townhouses, units and commercial properties across Australia. There are quite a few materials that can be used to make Plantation Shutters and [...]

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How Ultraclear Can Stop Shutters Breaking

Decor Blinds Exclusive ‘Ultraclear’ System for  Thermalite Shutters Decor Blinds’ founder and Managing Director, Frank Cairns, has been involved in the Shutters and Blinds industry for over 32 years, and understands the importance of using high quality products on our Thermalite Plantation Shutters. Frank was sick of seeing Control rods on Planation Shutter Blades breaking [...]

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Add Colour to Your Living Room

Think about your clothing choices. We all tend to follow the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to coordination: 60 percent basic colour, 30 percent interesting factor, and 10 percent accessory. Adding colour to your living room or any living space should follow the same lead. The walls will make up your 60 percent, the [...]

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Tips To Choose A Bedroom Colour Scheme

When you’re decorating your home, you want the colour scheme to not only reflect your character, but also make you feel a certain way. The bedroom is arguably the most important room of the house. You always want to make sure that it’s a room you enjoy time in because you feel the most at [...]

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The Value of Plantation Shutters

Whether you want partial or full coverage, Decor Blinds are happy to discuss your options and help you to understand the value that plantation shutters could have for your home. Plantation shutters are great because they instantly add a feeling of homeliness and elegance to any exterior. They are an incredibly versatile window opening [...]

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Eco-Friendly Fabrics for Your Home

When people attempt to incorporate more eco-friendly practices into their home, they usually start by switching their light bulbs to regulation bulbs or recycling paper and plastic. Some dedicated souls also go as far as to create compost in their backyards or install solar panels. If you really want to be “green” and make a [...]

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Blinds To Use For Summer

Blinds to Keep out the QLD Sun For any homeowner in a sunny climate, window blinds are a necessity. Those who appreciate scenery and atmosphere will also appreciate the need for blinds in the home, but they can come with their own set of problems. The relative position of the sun, and as such the [...]

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Style Shading with Venetian Blinds

If you operate a business from a large office building or live in a two-story house, chances are you have large windows to view the outside world. And of course, it’s likely that these windows necessitate the use of blinds for shade and privacy. Generic blinds, though they serve a practical purpose, can be an [...]

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