Backyard Styling Tips

Don’t let your outdoor space get taken over by spider webs this summer. Think about how lovely it would be to enjoy the weather comfortably with friends for a party or soiree.

Utilise your backyard, veranda or balcony to its utmost advantage. Try some of these simple, yet effective, outdoor entertaining ideas to give your outdoor space the spruce up it deserves.

Bring the comfort of inside, outside

Nothing says cosy and comfy like a mountain of quilts and cushions. Find some colourful throw pillows and blankets to drape across benches and patio furniture. It not only adds a playful aesthetic, but it also will keep your guests warm when the sun goes down and the wind picks up.


Be strategic about lighting

Sure, a few fairy lights strung about would add the sweetest touch to your party. But let’s be strategic about our lighting situation as well. A few tiki torches fuelled with citronella oil would be a welcome addition to any outdoor event. You get the ambiance of a tiki party while keeping your guests safe from those flesh-eating mozzies that thrive on lovely summer twilights.

Use shade as a barrier from the elements

We’re in Australia. There are two natural elements that we simply cannot escape from, especially in the summer. The wide array of ever-persistent insects and critters, and the sun. Protect yourself, your family and your guests from these elements by installing a blinds system.


If you have a patio, balcony or veranda on which you’d like to entertain your guests, consider installing a zip screen. Zip screens are incredibly useful because they can offer a barrier from the sun’s harsh UV rays, insects, wind and more. They turn your alfresco space into a comfortable haven without compromising the view.

If you’ve got a gorgeous sunroom with plenty of windows, you run the risk of overheating your guests. It’s classic greenhouse syndrome. You might contemplate installing external venetian blinds to the exterior of your windows. They’re a good investment because they’ll increase the value of your home. But more importantly, they are perfect for creating the perfect lighting and temperature in your home.

Warm up by the fire

There’s nothing like a proper fire to bring people together. Whether you build a fire pit or buy one, the warm smell of smoke and the heat of the flames are bound to add intimacy and beauty to any outdoor entertainment.

Finger Food and Pre-Made Drinks

Make it easy on yourself and your guests by providing foods that are easy to eat with one hand. Things like chicken skewers or canapés are great for entertaining outdoors because you can nibble with one hand while you hold a cocktail with the other.

For cocktails, pre-made punch or sangria mixes are great. They’re fruity and fun and you can make heaps of it in advance so that all you have to do when it runs out is refill the jug!

For more information on how to prepare your outdoor space for entertaining this summer, get in touch with Decor Blinds in Queensland. We are dedicated to utilising blinds to add to the functionality and aesthetic of your outdoor environment.