Blinds To Use For Summer

Blinds to Keep out the QLD Sun

For any homeowner in a sunny climate, window blinds are a necessity. Those who appreciate scenery and atmosphere will also appreciate the need for blinds in the home, but they can come with their own set of problems.

The relative position of the sun, and as such the direction of sunlight, varies throughout the day with each passing minute. What may provide a light source for a room, along with some nice scenery as a bonus, could cast a glare in your eyes in an hour’s time. With the trouble of having to constantly adjust blinds manually, some would prefer to just leave them down constantly.

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Motorised blinds allow for remote adjustment so you don’t even have leave your seat. However, even these can come with drawbacks. As motorised blinds require a source of electricity, they can end up adding onto your electric bill. Isn’t there a way to have the convenience of motorised technology without the added cost?

With the great strides in photovoltaic technology in the last decades, solar power is becoming more and more feasible as a source of energy of the household. While large rooftop solar panels are usually used to power an entire home, compact panels and solar cells have made it possible to power individual appliances rather than an entire system.

By using photovoltaic solar cells to convert sunlight to electrical energy, motorised blinds can be entirely self-sustaining. Remote-activated and powered by the same sunlight they’re used to keep out, these motorised blinds allow you to stay relaxed in comfort without having to get up to adjust them.

Considering the necessity of blinds to block out sunlight, it only makes sense to use that same sunlight as a source of power. In doing so, these motorised blinds serve to help you save on your energy bill as well.

Solar-powered motorised blinds represent the next step in window shading and light control. In addition to helping you save on your energy bill, they’re environmentally friendly and represent a step forward in eco-friendly alternatives for daily appliances. Since they don’t need a connection to your electrical system, they’re completely self-sustaining and require little maintenance.

If you’re looking to do some upgrading around the home or office, solar-powered blinds are a great way to do it. What better way to keep out the sun than to use it to your advantage?

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