The Value of Plantation Shutters

Whether you want partial or full coverage, Decor Blinds are happy to discuss your options and help you to understand the value that plantation shutters could have for your home.

Plantation shutters are great because they instantly add a feeling of homeliness and elegance to any exterior. They are an incredibly versatile window opening that can give you complete control over the amount of light and air that comes into your home. Plantation shutters help you maximise the potential of your space without sacrificing the existing design of your home.

Whether you want partial or full coverage, we at Decor Blinds are happy to discuss your options and help you to understand the value that plantation shutters could have for your home.

Types of plantation shutters

There are many materials from which you can create plantation shutters:

Wood shutters

These are the classic in plantation shutters and they offer your house a natural beauty. The grain and sheen and authenticity combine with the rich colour variations to give you an aesthetically perfect blind system. They are also incredibly versatile if you wanted to paint them any colour. Wood shutters look great stained, as well, if you were in the mood for a more rustic exterior.

Wood plantation shutters are also quite strong and light, however they do not last as long as other materials and often require plenty of maintenance, like repainting.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Strong, secure and flexible, these shutters are great for your outdoor space or your balcony. Aluminium shutters are also great because they give you an added level of security. You can lock them into place so you feel safe while you enjoy the personalised control over views, ventilation and sunlight.

Aluminium shutters are incredibly strong and durable, especially in harsh Australian climates and elements, like hurricanes and cyclones. They are versatile and as such, you can order them to fit any window or door size! In addition, if you have longer width window openings, they can span longer than traditional timber or wood slats.

Thermalite Shutters

They’ve got the look of wood without any of the negatives. Thermalite plantation shutters are made from dense polyester foam, which is a solid and non-toxic synthetic material.

Thermalite is not only water resistant and fire retardant, but it also provides 3 times the amount of insulation as materials such as timber. They require minimal maintenance and will never warp, crack, shrink or yellow.

Why choose plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a great addition to your home for a number of reasons:

Great curb appeal

Aesthetically, plantation shutters call to mind big beautiful American Southern mansions in the country, or Grecian foyers filled with lounging philosophers. They are popular in many places with warm climates, like the Mediterranean, and give your home a similar romantic feel.

You control the light

With big louvers, or slats, that are manually operable, you can control easily how much light filters in through the spaces. It’s a great way to set whatever mood you want in your home.

Increased airflow

While they block out the sun’s harmful and hot rays, they also allow a ventilation system. Enjoy the flow of air through an open window on a hot day, without the sun to bake it.

For more information on how plantation shutters can increase the value of your home and your life, get in touch with Decor Blinds today.