Which One Should You Choose?

Deciding between shutters, blinds and curtains can be a difficult decision, not only do they need to fit in with the rest of your home, but they also need to be practical! We’ve broken down some of the factors that can help you make the choice.


Decor Blinds create products that are custom made to fit into your space. With a contemporary design, technical innovation and simplicity our blinds are perfect for any interior. Our blinds have UV protection, which not only protects you but also your walls and floors from sun damage. Blinds are a classic choice when it comes to selecting your window furnishings as they can completely block out the sun, making them ideal for bedrooms or home theatres, but they can also provide insulation and style.

Roller Blinds Brisbane decor blinds


We proudly make our Thermalite shutters in our Brisbane warehouse. These are amongst our most popular products, this is mostly due to their classic style and versatility. Shutters are great for directing light and letting in a breeze when needed, making them ideal for living areas. We also have exterior shutters, great for outdoor entertaining areas.



Curtains may seem like a dated choice of window furnishing, however, we proudly manufacture Veri Shades, the modern alternative to curtains. They combine the versatility of blinds but the aesthetic of curtains, creating the best of both worlds! Veri Shades are a great diverse option- you can have them work as blackout blinds or soft light or fully open, all with the one product. 

Veri Shades Brisbane decor blinds


Factors to Consider:

The Room

The room that you are putting your blinds, curtains or shutters in will dictate which option you choose. Bedrooms and theatre rooms might require something that can block out the light, in which case, blinds are a good option. You might want some natural light but the ability to have privacy in living areas and bathrooms, then shutters are best suited for that.



Your budget will naturally impact which window furnishing you select. Prices may vary with each option as you have the ability to customise your blinds, shutters and Veri shades to suit you. Blinds are often the most budget-friendly choice.



The location of your home may also impact your decision. Perhaps you want to make the most of your views and afternoon breezes, our Thermalite shutters work well. Or you might be after more of an escape with some privacy if you’re in a busy area, then some blinds may be a better option. Coastal homes get some beautiful ocean breezes, so maybe you want to make the most of that open living and opt for Veri Shades.



Your personal style will naturally help you decide which option will suit your home best. If you’ve chosen a natural look throughout the home, then maybe some Thermalite shutters will make for a perfect finishing touch



Everyone has a different lifestyle, whether you’re an inner-city worker or coastal family you will most likely have different needs and wants from your window furnishings. For young families, there may be concerns around child-safety, in which case, Thermalite shutters or Veri shades are the safest. If you have a busy lifestyle, you’ll most likely want something easy to care for, then blinds or shutters may be the simplest choice.


If you still have trouble deciding which option is best for you and your home, get in touch with our team today. We can guide you and help you select the best shutters, blinds or shades!