Adding shutters to your Gold Coast home is not only a practical decision, but they can also add value to your home. Plantation shutters are a timeless classic that adds personality to any home.


Plantation shutters are a timeless classic that can add charm and appeal to your home. Many people fall in love with the versatility of shutters, the ability to work with us to custom make shutters allows you to create the perfect space in your home. Despite the style being around for many years, adding shutters to your home can give it an updated appearance.


Low Maintenance 

For potential buyers, seeing a home that is easy to maintain is a huge plus. Shutters are incredibly simple to care for, a simple dust is enough to keep them looking fresh! Our Thermalite Shutters will last a lifetime and won’t fade quickly as many blinds and curtains can. The Gold Coast is known for its gorgeous beaches, so we ensure that our products are fit for the salty air and sunshine.

Energy Efficient

Everyone loves an energy-efficient feature, especially one that looks as great as our Thermalite Shutters! We custom-make each order so that your shutters fit perfectly in the window, which helps maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year. These energy-efficient window treatments will also lower electricity bills, which adds more appeal to potential buyers.

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Light and Privacy Control

Another brilliant element of our Shutters is the ability to control light and privacy. Whether you’re wanting to fill a room with natural light or wanting to maintain some privacy in the bathroom, our shutters are easy to control and adjust to your needs. The extra layer of protection and security can be comforting for buyers.


We custom make your shutters in our Brisbane warehouse, so you can trust that they will fit perfectly and be of the highest quality. This quality is evident and will allow potential buyers to feel that you have invested in the home to make it perfect.