Cleverly constructed with hidden interlocking parts, Zipscreen ™ features self-aligning side channels for a stylish and sophisticated finish.

We custom-make each Zipscreen ™ to give you the perfect fit from edge to edge, with no gaps, guaranteed. We offer a range of custom colours, various controls and enclosed box covers to suit your individual requirements. Zipscreen™ is versatile and stylish, perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Zipscreens now uses new patented technology called the Ultra-Lock, which not only locks but tensions your outdoor roller shade for a secure, stable and taut fabric finish. The new Ultra-Lock weight bar seal achieves greater coverage on uneven floors and rigidity over wider spans using semi-automated locking with spring and gear controls.


Zipscreens ™ by Decor Blinds is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, especially in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast where we must do all we can to protect ourselves and our families from the oppressive sun.

If you enjoy utilising your outdoor space by entertaining guests, Zipscreens ™ is perfect for you. They are an ideal modern blind system for pergolas, verandas and balconies because they have the ability to turn your alfresco area into a comfortable new room, offering protection against not only the sun, but also wind, rain and insects. Keep the view and the feel of being outside without the inconvenience of the elements.