Summer Plantation Shutter Styles

What’s your favourite thing about summer? For many, it’s the little things, like the smell of freshly cut grass or spending days at the beach. There’s also nothing like waking up to a brightly lit room and stretching under the sheets as the morning sun warms your face.

Plantation shutters make this sweet little fantasy a much easier reality. What are plantation shutters, and how could they contribute to giving your home or anybody’s home the ideal summer look? As leaders in the design industry, Décor Blinds know a thing or two about adding just the right aesthetic touches to your household, so let us guide you on how plantation shutters can give your home the perfect summer style.

summer plantation shutter styles

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are not too different from normal shutters. What makes them stand apart is the louver, or slat, size. They are much bigger and homier, instantly giving your home a quaint country feeling. The slats are operable, so you can completely control the amount of light that gets in and out.

Why plantation shutters are perfect for summer homes.

They’re traditionally found on properties with warmer climates, like California, South Africa, the Mediterranean and Australia. This is because they allow you to get the same light and breeze as you would if you opened up the windows fully, but with a bit more protection from onlookers, insects, wind and harsh UV rays.

Aesthetically, they look traditional and quaint, and can instantly give your home a sunny cottage feel. You can have them custom fit to any window or door, and you can also customise how they function, whether you want them fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-folded.

Classic look with modern materials

While it’s always nice to have a classic look in your home made with traditional methods, in today’s day and age, we need to always be mindful of our environmental footprint. While traditional wooden plantation shutters are ideal, you can always opt to have them made out of thermalite. They’ll look and feel like wood except with major economic and practical advantages for summer.

For example, the synthetic material they’re made of comes from 100% renewable materials that are water resistant and fire retardant. They also insulate up to three times better than wood, and you don’t need to do much to maintain them!

Compliment your shutters with a redecoration

Shutters can only go so far. Letting in as much light as possible is key to having the perfect summer home, but if your interior is designed darkly for winter, it will hardly make a difference. There are a few simple but effective ways to get that summer style into your living space.

  • Blur the lines between inside and out 
    Who said plants have to stay outside? And we’re not just talking about a few flower-filled vases. Really fill the place up with a literal breath of fresh air. Get creative with your indoor plants. You can incorporate anything from potted plants and mobile planters to container gardens, hanging plants and terrariums!
  • Lighten the fabrics 
    Visual textures can really make a difference with the change of seasons. In addition to giving your home a paint job with light greens, ocean blues and sunny yellows, try swapping out plush rugs and chunky furniture for some lighter textures. Perhaps opt for a bamboo mat in place of a rug, or go au naturel by exposing the wood beneath. Maybe in place of a wooden coffee table and a big sofa, switch in a wicker table or a bamboo couch.

For more tips on getting your home ready for summer styling, or for help installing your very own classic plantation shutters, call a design expert today at Decor Blinds .