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Brisbane-made Plantation Shutters

Our Thermalite Plantation Shutters are guaranteed to be Australian-made. Every Plantation Shutter of ours is manufactured in our modern factory in Brisbane, Queensland. These shutters are ideal for a wide range of internal and external plantation shutter applications, including homes and other residential units, townhouses, hotels, hospitals, resorts and restaurants.

Each Thermalite Plantation Shutter comes with a 25-year transferable warranty and a paint finish that will last for 3 years (which will not crack, peel or yellow during this period)

They can be custom-made to fit any window or door, and come in such styles as fixed, hinged, sliding and bi-fold. Thermalite Plantation Shutters also feature elliptical louvres that are available in widths ranging from 64 to 90 mm.

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decor blinds brisbane thermalite plantation shutters


Quick Facts About Thermalite Plantation Shutters:

  • Recommended For: Internal & External applications, residential homes, hotels, hospitals, resorts & restaurants
  • Maximum Width: Custom made to fit any window or door
  • Available Systems: Fixed, hinged. sliding or bi-fold
  • Blade Options: Elliptical louvres available in 64mm & 90mm widths
  • Colours: Off-white & bright white
  • We have a 25 year warranty on Thermalite products including workmanship and labour
  • Painted finish – 3 years where we warrant that it won’t yellow, crack or peel in that time frame (however the shutters will still look great for years)
  • Manufacturing / Dispatch: 15-20 working days Australia wide


Why Buy Thermalite Plantation Shutters?

  • Australian made
  • 25 year transferable warranty*
  • Will never crack, warp, shrink or discolour
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Louvre’s will never lose tension
  • Exclusive Ultraclear mechanism
  • Looks & feels like wood (not plastic)
  • Internal & external applications
  • Insulates 3 times greater than timber
  • Environmentally friendly – made from non-toxic, recycled materials
  • Flame retardant
  • Water resistant (can be used in wet areas)
  • Dents can be warmed out


Thermalite Shutters are totally recyclable and use no wood. 


Thermalite Shutters patented paint finishes have been proven to be environmentally safe, hypoallergenic and are below acceptable VOC emission levels.  


There are no harmful gases emitted by Thermalite Shutters.

Get Maximum Energy Savings with Thermalite Shutters

The Thermalite Shutter insulation system has been proven to have the highest R-Value, best thermal protection, best reduction of heat transfer, and offer the most energy efficiency of any shutter on the market.
A 3rd party thermal test showed that Thermalite blocks as much as 16 degrees of temperature coming through the window. And that makes for the most energy efficient shutter in the industry.

Get Uninterrupted Views

Our exclusive world patented Ultraclear System option has no visible control rod providing an uninterrupted view. Ultraclear uses a hidden system that ensure Shutters will always open and close easily, connectors won’t break and shutters are able to be cleaned easily whilst looking good.

Plantation Thermalite Shutters unique louvre tension system will never need tightening or adjusting. Additionally, Plantation Thermalite Shutters have the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the window covering Industry.

This unique environmentally friendly product can be found in suburban homes, hotels, hospitals and resorts throughout the world.

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 Questions You Should Ask Before Ordering Shutters:

Q: “How long will my order take to be delivered? If it is longer than 4 weeks can I reconsider my options?

A: Decor Blinds deliver Australian made Thermalite Shutters in 3 working weeks – which we will guarantee in writing. If you are offered a similar time frame from another company, we suggest you also get this in writing with a money back guarantee.

Q: If your shutters are Australia made, can I visit or see evidence of your factory?

A: We invite all of our customers to visit or view our factory at 141 Bluestone Circuit, Seventeen Mile Rocks. A lot of companies claim to offer Australian made shutters and you are within your rights to request evidence of this.

Q: If my shutters require repairs, can you offer this?

A: Genuine and professional companies will offer a repair service for shutters that is completed in Australia without having to wait for parts from overseas. Decor Blinds has an extensive warranty period and offers a guarantee of local repairs to help put your mind at ease


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