Design Trends for Blinds in 2016

There are quite a few new design features that are taking over homes and livening up living spaces – now the perfect time to stay on trend, and give your home a fresh new look. At Decor Blinds, we are always keeping our eye on the hottest new ideas for interior design, and keeping you up to date on these styles is our priority. Trust our tips to give your home the makeover it deserves.

Give your home some bling

Accessorising your home is the new form of art and expression. Metallics are the next big thing. Update your décor by adding a touch of brass or Celtic silver to your vases, candlesticks or even as a colour in a floor rug.

a plantation shutters

People are also leaning away from traditional forms of style like landscape paintings. Take a page out of the ancient Arabian style guide and lean towards more abstract patterns and designs on your walls.

Bring your plants inside

A downside to urban living is that it can create a detachment from our natural environment. Put an end to that, and feel closer to nature by bringing more plant life into your home. You can do so decoratively, with wall plants and hanging plants or you can do so functionally with mobile or potted herb and vegetable gardens. Create a personal relationship with your food by making it a living, growing contribution to your home.

No more stone tops

2016 is the year for your kitchen and bathrooms to go au naturel. No more granite or marble countertops for your home. Make the switch to timber bathroom vanities and kitchen counters. It will bring in a naturally warm feel to your indoor living spaces.

Embrace inter-connectivity

Technology is indeed getting smarter, and 2016 will be no different. Consider incorporating more of a connected home, or “smart home” into your life. With user-friendly smart home technology, you can control a range of activities and appliances like home security and entertainment systems all conveniently from your mobile phone or tablet.

Create contrast with textures

Textiles are an amazing way to create a truly warm home. Create depth in your house with contrasting textures. Balance out sharp features like steel beams, wooden tables or exposed brick with things like brushed velvet, faux fur or soft suede.

Harmonise your rooms

Bold-statement colour combinations are now all the rage. You can add bold colours to anything from reusable cups through to blinds and awnings. Create seamless movement between your living spaces by picking a subtle, yet noticeable, thread of colour and linking it from kitchen to living room to bedroom. If you’ve chosen to accentuate the hard-textured form behind the space, such as cement or wood, pick a brighter colour to move throughout your home as a contrast.

Bring in the New Year by updating your home decor. If you’re after some stylish new additions to your house, let one of our stylists know. We’ll help you determine your best interior styles for the upcoming season.