Australian Made Shutters Vs. Imported Shutters

Local or Imported Plantation Shutters?

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We are all entitled to the best window solutions and security for our home or business, but how to choose from so many options?

In our “buy anything and everything online world”, we have access to both local and overseas manufacturers and suppliers including companies that will deliver plantation shutters and roller blinds.

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The decision is completely in your hands. At Decor Blinds, we want to help you make a sound decision by providing you with the facts.


How do you know which is the best choice for your home or business?

Get Educated – Understand The Australian Advantage

You might think that an imported window blind isn’t such a bad idea. After all, if it means paying a little less money or even more money, then you must be guaranteed to get a comparable or better product.

The advances in design, manufacturing and the installation of modern plantation shutters are not always obvious to homeowners and businesses when shopping online or purchasing from a company who is obtaining there Shutters from an overseas supplier.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Can the importer guarantee that their product will stand up to our Queensland summers and winters?
  • Can the importer ensure that your new shutters or window blinds will be that easy to install once they arrive?
  • Does the overseas manufacturer understand the requirements and reasons why Queenslanders look for interior and exterior plantation shutters?
  • Will the importer be able to repair any damaged shutters for you?
  • How long do you have to wait for delivery?
  • Are the installers sub-contractors and with what level of accountability?
  • Will you be left holding shoddy blinds or shutters that don’t fit?

4 Reasons To Shop Decor Blinds for The Australian Advantage

Decor Blinds is proud to be an Australian-owned and operated company, relying on both local labour and natural resources to deliver the highest product quality.

  1. Locally Refined Materials

Our Plantation Thermalite™ Shutters are made from a solid, PVC-free material that we refine locally. These products are engineered to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Australia and achieve a 5-Star energy efficiency rating with the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

  1. Local Teams

We employ local tradespeople, sales agents and installers from areas like Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

We want to ensure that every customer gets expert advice and an expert installation from someone they consider a neighbour or a friend, which is why we only recruit the best local experts to manufacture, sell and install our top-quality plantation shutters and roller blinds.

  1. In-Home Design Consultation

Your blinds will be handcrafted to your custom specifications in material, colour and style. Custom made shutters are made from the ground up to fit any type or shape of window.

  1. Faster Product Delivery

Product delivery is another key matter to consider. A local Queensland Manufacturing company will take 3 weeks to deliver your finished product, unlike a imported shutter that takes up to 12 weeks some say 6 weeks but don’t be fooled

When you work with Decor Blinds, you’re guaranteed to receive an Australian product of the highest quality, made and delivered by local experts for local residents and business owners.

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