The finishing touches on your home can actually be the trickiest to decide on, especially when it comes to deciding on your window furnishings. There are a few factors that might play into your decision, some of which you may not have considered. Blinds, shutters and shades each have their own benefits, and when you buy from Decor Blinds you can have them custom made to suit your space. But first, you need to decide which product to choose from.

Window size
This is the first thing to consider. You don’t want to purchase the first, cheapest blinds you stumble across, because chances are they won’t fit your space perfectly, especially if you custom built your home. Measure your windows and doors and establish what is going to work best there. Perhaps you want a seamless look, then maybe roller blinds will work best, or go for Veri shades if you want a softer, more textured look.

Look at the rest of your home and find your style. Do you want to create a consistent theme in your home? This could dictate which option you go with. Thermalite shutters are perfect for creating that popular Hamptons look. Meanwhile, roller blinds are a classic and more versatile look.

This is something that people often overlook as a purely aesthetic decision, however you also need to consider the maintenance of certain materials. Our Thermalite Shutters are incredibly easy to upkeep and are guaranteed not to crack, chip, peel or discolour for five years and longer. Veri shades are a beautiful, delicate option for a softer approach. Again, you can choose the fabric to best suit your home and style, however, they will require more cleaning, so it all comes down to what you are willing to look after.

You’ll want to ensure that the rooms you need to be private are done so with the appropriate fittings. So if you want to go for the softness of Veri Shades, you’ll need to ensure you choose the extra layer. Alternatively, select blinds or shutters that guarantee full privacy.

Light control
Certain rooms are going to require certain lighting and generally, people want to achieve this naturally. If you want a theatre room, blockout blinds are going to work best. However if you have an open space with lots of natural light, you may want to soften it, in this case Veri Shades are perfect.

Sound control
Another element you may not have considered, sound control. The right choice can actually help quieten those noisy neighbours or loud roads, or keep the theatre room or office spaces peaceful.

Temperature control
With the weather presenting four seasons in one day, you want to ensure that your home is equipped to handle all of them. Thermalite Shutters are actually an energy efficient choice when it comes to selecting window finishes, they can insulate 3 times greater than timber, and with their movability, they can let in an afternoon breeze or warm winter sunshine when needed.