Discover the Benefits of Ordering Plantation Shutters Online

Ordering plantaton shutters online has never been easier or more important than right now! Whilst many customers feel easy ordering roller blinds online, there has traditionally been some resistance to ordering shutters, in this post we outline some of the many benefits you can experience when you order and pay for Australian made Thermalite plantation [...]

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Thermalite Shutters Offer Energy Efficiency

Thermalite Shutters Offer Energy Efficiency Interested in saving up to 35% on your utility bills? Our Thermalite Shutters can help - there is nothing worse than a hot, stuffy bedroom when you’re ready to turn in for the night! Unfortunately, once summer sets in, many homes will have precisely that. West-facing rooms will be [...]

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Ultraclear Stops Shutters Breaking

How Ultraclear Can Stop Shutters Breaking Decor Blinds Exclusive ‘Ultraclear’ System for  Thermalite Shutters Decor Blinds’ founder and Managing Director, Frank Cairns, has been involved in the Shutters and Blinds industry for over 32 years, and understands the importance of using high quality products on our Thermalite Plantation Shutters. Frank was sick of seeing Control [...]

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The History of Plantation Shutters

The History of Plantation Shutters Plantation Shutters, a History Let’s not associate plantation shutters, despite their name, with the “height” of America’s south. Sure, they bring to mind huge antebellum soirees in grandiose homes, with cotton fields and peach orchards spanning across wide-open fields and swampy terrains. You can almost see yourself framed in front [...]

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Invest In Plantation Shutters

Invest In Plantation Shutters Plantation Shutters are an Investment for the Future According to the Queensland 2014 September and October Market Reports, the Brisbane property market has surged ahead in the 12 months to June, with BIS Shrapnel reporting an increase in median house values of 8%... "So while the market is on the move, it [...]

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Australian Made Shutters Vs. Imported Shutters

Australian Made Shutters Vs. Imported Shutters Local or Imported Plantation Shutters? We are all entitled to the best window solutions and security for our home or business, but how to choose from so many options? In our "buy anything and everything online world", we have access to both local and overseas manufacturers and suppliers including [...]

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The Value of Plantation Shutters

The Value of Plantation Shutters Whether you want partial or full coverage, Decor Blinds are happy to discuss your options and help you to understand the value that plantation shutters could have for your home. Plantation shutters are great because they instantly add a feeling of homeliness and elegance to any exterior. They are [...]

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Cleaning Plantation Shutters

Cleaning Plantation Shutters Plantation shutters add a truly cosy and elegant quality to your home. At Décor Blinds, our shutters are made with Thermalite, making them not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. They are water resistant, fire retardant and provide 3 times the insulation of timber. They require very little maintenance as they will never crack, [...]

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Summer Plantation Shutter Styles

Summer Plantation Shutter Styles What’s your favourite thing about summer? For many, it’s the little things, like the smell of freshly cut grass or spending days at the beach. There’s also nothing like waking up to a brightly lit room and stretching under the sheets as the morning sun warms your face. Plantation shutters make this [...]

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